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Younghusband not giving up on Angel

Filipino-British football player Phil Younghusband on Thursday night explained the reason why he invited actress Angel Locsin via Twitter.
In an interview with ABS-CBN News during an Azkals victory party, Younghusband said he had no other way to contact the actress but through the social networking site.
One of the stars of the national football team expressed his admiration of Locsin, saying he just felt it was the right time to ask the actress for a date.
"I haven't met Angel. I find her attractive. I have no other way of being in contact with her," Younghusband explained.
The Azkals heartthrob also shared that his brother James, also an Azkals star, was the one who egged him and told him to give it a try.
"My brother said that 'OK go for it,' and I was like 'OK at least [I'll] give it a shot," he said.
Although Locsin turned him down, Phil said all is not lost.
"She said she's busy on the Valentine's Day, but maybe another day, so we have to wait and see," he said.
Younghusband said he still doesn't have the actress's phone number, and he hopes to meet Locsin soon.
He also stressed that he was not joking when he invited Locsin to go out on a date via Twitter.
"I'm not joking. We have to wait and see. I can't tell you what's gonna happen. I don't want to say. But let's see, she's busy also. We don't know, but let's see," he said.
The Azkals striker said that since Locsin will be busy on Valentine's Day, he will just spend the day with his friends and family.
Asked if he is a romantic type of guy, Younghusband replied: "I'm very cheesy. I like 'Titanic'. I like cheesy songs, romantic. I'm romantic."
When asked about the kind of girl he's looking for, Younghusband said: "Someone who can make me laugh, who can make me smile. I feel if I can make them smile, if I can make them laugh, then I'm happy." 

Cold or not, Azkals ready vs Mongolians

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, the closest Emilio “Chieffy” Caligdong could get or feel a snow is when he opens a refrigerator.
But for his Fil-foreign teammates who grew up in Europe, winter season is part of life.
With players living half a globe apart, it’s no big surprise that the Philippine Azkals have contrasting opinions about playing under a freezing condition.
The Azkals will battle Mongolia on March 15 at Ulan Bator for their rematch in the AFC Challenge Cup qualifier, and whether or not the cold temperature there – which drops to negative 20 degrees – will work in the Filipinos’ favor remains to be seen.
Azkals team manager Dan Palami said the match is set at 1 p.m., reportedly the warmest time of the day at minus 10 degrees.
Caligdong, who scored the first goal in the Azkals’ 2-0 triumph over Mongolia in the first leg of their home-and-away series in Bacolod City, admitted the weather condition may affect their performance in Mongolia.
“Of course, it will be a little difficult for us to play under that condition because we’re not accustomed to it,” the 28-year-old product of Barotac Nuevo, said in Filipino yesterday. “But hopefully, through our training in Baguio City and maybe in Japan, we can get used to it.”
In his six-year international campaign with the national team, the ace striker from the Philippine Airforce said he has never played in a country as cold as Mongolia. He ranks his stint in the Suzuki Cup in Hanoi, Vietnam last year, where temperature is similar to Baguio City (about six and 8 degrees) as the coldest condition he’s ever been with.
While playing in Mongolia seemed a disadvantage for Caligdong, Fil-British Phil Younghusband, a former Chelsea reserve in England who has vast experience playing in cold condition, sees it otherwise.
“We have played many matches in Europe, in the cold. And I think it’s a lot easier playing under that condition. In the heat you sweat a lot… I’d rather play in the cold,” Younghusband, 23, said in a recent interview.
“With the Fil-Foreigners that we have in the team, the weather might be on our side after all,” Younghusband, who scored the other goal in the Azkals’ latest win, said.

Piolo reacts to Phil Younghusband's crush on KC

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual has given his reaction to Azkals heartthrob Phil Younghusband's public declaration that he has a crush on actress KC Concepcion.
In an interview with “Showbiz News Ngayon” during the unveiling of the QuattroMondial monument at the University of Sto. Tomas on Thusday, Pascual disclosed that he does not have anything against Younghusband since anybody is entitled to his or her own feelings.
“I guess anybody is entitled to that. Hindi naman mapipigilan ang mga tao to express their intention or say what they feel. May security naman so wala tayong problema,” he said.
Although they never admitted that they are officially a couple, Pascual and Concepcion have been vocal about their closeness.
Pascual, meanwhile, belied reports saying that he is prohibiting Concepcion from doing a kissing scene with actor Sam Milby in their upcoming movie.
“That’s work. She can do anything. She’s an actress,” he said.
Concepcion, on the other hand, affirmed what Pascual said.
“I don’t think that’s true. Very dedicated si Piolo sa work niya bilang aktor. Bakit niya kailangan ma-affect. Si PJ pa, napakasensible na tao,” she said.
Concepcion and Milby are set to do a movie under the direction of Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Phil Younghusband has a crush on Marian Rivera while his brother on KC Conception?

Azkals heartthrob Phil Younghusband is getting inconsistent with who his crushes are.

Younghusband revealed to a news program before that he has a crush on Angel Locsin and KC Concepcion. But when interviewed by Boy Abunda, Phil Younghusband said that Marian Rivera is his crush while his brother James is the one who crushes on KC.

The Azkals were among the 11 Most Interesting and Fascinating People of 2010 as featured on CinemaOne's "Eleven" hosted by Boy Abunda.

Boy insisted on SNN last night that when he interviewed Phil Younghusband for "Eleven", he cited Marian Rivera as his crush.

The King of Talk already shared it the other day and he had to say it again last night after Phil invited Angel on Twitter to be his Valentine date.

Oh well, Phil needs to make it clear who he really has a crush on.

Both Marian and KC are taken, while Angel is single for the record.

Meanwhile, if there's one person who's feeling sad of Angel getting a date proposal from Phil, it's Showtime judge Vice Ganda.

On Twitter, Vice is begging Angel to give Phil to him. "@143redangel magpapaalipin ako sa'yo habang buhay wag mo lang hadlangan ang pag-iibigan namin ni Phil! Mahal ko siya!!! #nakaluhodnagmamakaawa."

Haha it's a battle of a "lobo" and "kabayo" over an "azkal".

If Angel isn't available on Valentine's Day, Vice can be her replacement. You like Phil?

Phil Younghusband invites Angel Locsin to date on Valentine's Day

Not a few were surprised in Twitter world when football player Phil Younghusband took to the social networking site to invite actress Angel Locsin to be his date on Valentine’s day.
“Hi Angel! This Phil. How are you? I was just wondering if you are free for Valentines day?” Phil tweeted on Feb. 10, a post picked up by “Showbiz News Ngayon” that same day.
Immediately, Angel replied through her i43redangel account. “hi! this is angel☺ Congrats on your win last night! Tnx for the invite but I have work on valentines.. Let's try another day☺” Angel tweeted.
In his interview on "Bandila," the Fil-British player expressed his admiration for KC Concepcion and Angel.
“I find KC and Angel attractive and a lot of  people forgot that I said Angel. I was speaking about KC. Angel is just a shock,” he said.
But Phil is more than happy for Angel’s reply on his invite. “She replied. I’m happy with her reply.”
Phil first expressed his admiration for KC and Angel in the Jan. 24 episode of “Showbiz News Ngayon."
“Angel and KC, they're both very pretty. They're always on billboards, see them a lot... They're very pretty but I haven't met them yet. Very attractive," Phil said.
He added that "I'm single. I've been alone for the last 4 years on Valentine's day. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm alone again. If Angel and KC wanna bring me on Valentine's and ask me if I'm willing to do something, then I'm willing to," he said.
Angel replied favorably to Phil’s confession.
"Thank you! Sounds like he's giving me a compliment and that deserves a recognition ☺go azkals! ☺,"Angel said.
A lot of Twitter followers were excited over Phil and Angel’s exchange of tweets.
Bianca King posted this message which reeks of excitement,  “lets try another day =) ayiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!"
Stylist Liz Uy tweeted, “Haba ng hair tehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”
A certain Pajimacas tweeted, “Ouch. Try again next time. Remember: @143redangel packs a punch--and a huge bite. :)”
TV host Drew Arellano was amazed at Phil’s guts to make public his invitation.
“Hahaha public invitation.. Risky but suave :p cheers bud! See ya soon! Congratz on the big W,” he tweeted.

Phil Younghusband: The Dream


Phil Younghusband can’t remember the exact moment when he knew he wanted to be a football player.
“Growing up in England, football was everywhere. I would play at home, in school, and any chance I’d get to kick a ball around. I was three years old when I first kicked a football and I haven’t stopped since,” he says.
Born on August 4, 1987 in Ashford, Middlesex, England to an English father and a Filipina mother, Phil, together with older brother James, was part of Chelsea Football Club’s youth team. He eventually rose to the club’s reserve team, which he played for from 2005 to 2008.
He recalls his time at Chelsea with much fondness. “My experience at Chelsea is definitely invaluable. I learned a lot from the best, including Jose Mourinho,” he enthuses.
Learning from the world’s best at a young age has also helped him become a more versatile player. “I was not always a striker. I was a midfielder; I played defense… basically, every position I understood, except the goalkeeper!” he laughs.
Phil explains that this has also helped him adapt to different situations. “Playing in Asia, I am relatively faster than the other players, so I play as a striker, but in Europe, where there are faster players, I take on the role of a midfielder.”
Making his mark in PH
After playing for the Chelsea reserves, the Younghusband brothers suited up for the Philippine National Team, where Phil established himself as one of the team’s top scorers.
The Azkals, as the national team is more popularly known, made history when the team reached the semifinals of the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup, defeating defending champion Vietnam along the way.
For Phil, that tournament also meant something else on a personal level. “Scoring the second goal against Vietnam was definitely my best memory of playing with the national team,” he reveals.
The team, however, isn’t resting on their laurels after the historic finish in the Suzuki Cup, as they are now gearing up for the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers against Mongolia on Feb. 9. Phil explains the team is working on improving their fitness levels and discloses that the transition to a new system under a new coach has been smooth and free from any difficulty.
Some fun facts
Fans of Phil may want to note down that the player that has kicked him the most is Portuguese international and now Real Madrid defender Ricardo Carvalho. When asked for the top three places in the UK he’d bring someone to, he thoughtfully responds, “My area (Ashford), Newcastle, and Manchester.”
Also, for the record, the Azkal that takes the longest in the shower is, “Me!” Phil chuckles, responding without missing a beat.
Bigger dreams, grander plans
Amid the intense training, a bevy of adoring fans, perched on the bleachers at the University of Makati’s football field and with DSLRs in tow, cheers on the guys. Phil admits he had dreamed of the moment when football would enjoy the current level of popularity in the Philippines. “The support that we have received from the fans has been tremendous, and we hope to continue the momentum that we have started to make the sport even more popular among Filipinos,” he shares.
Beyond playing for the national team, the Younghusbands are also doing their share in promoting football in the country and developing youth players through the Younghusband Football Academy. “Seeing the kids’ smiling when they kick the ball around and play is definitely the most rewarding part of teaching,” shares Phil.
When asked what else he’d like to achieve during his football career, Phil pauses and admits, “Well, there’s always the World Cup to think about!”
When prodded for a prediction as to when the Philippines will qualify for the World Cup, he says, “Qualifying will involve a lot of luck. There’s always going to be an element of luck in football. The competition in Asia has gotten tougher, with teams like China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia performing very well. We will have to work very hard if we want to be able to qualify.”
Phil Younghusband can’t remember the exact moment when he knew he wanted to be a football player, and with big dreams and grand plans still to be achieved, this football player will not be hanging his boots anytime soon.